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The Trifecta Performance Advantage

1. Increased Horsepower +15 to 105 HP at the wheels.
2. Increased Torque +15 to 100 ft/lbs at the wheels.
3. MUCH better throttle response.  No more throttle lag!
4. Quicker and more responsive shifting for Automatic Transmissions.
5. No loss in fuel economy.  In fact, many customers see an increase.
6. Ability to turn the Tune "ON" and "OFF" - on a variety of GM vehicles.
7. Ability to eliminate Active Fuel Management (AFM) on 5.3L and 6.2L engines.
8. Support for E47 Ethanol blends on the Cobalt SS, HHR SS and Solstice/Sky Turbos.
9. Take advantage of intake and/or exhaust modifications.  Realize their TRUE potential when Tuned.
10. Use whatever Octane fuel your Owner’s Manual recommends.  (91 Octane or greater recommended for maximum performance)
11. Ability to match top speed governor to the speed rating of your tires.  Example: V speed rating = 149 mph (240 km/h)
12. Ability to return to the OEM Factory Stock Tune in twenty minutes.
13. Trifecta has Tuned over 45,000 GM vehicles with outstanding results!
14.  I offer Trifecta's Advantage and Advantage+ Series of Tunes for factory Stock or near Stock vehicles (Name brand Intakes, cat-back exhausts and downpipes).  

15. EZ-Flash Tuning Cable included with All Tunes (shipping extra) 


          E-MAIL:  getatune@trifectatuningottawa.com

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2016+ Malibu

+35 ft-lbs Tq and +48 HP gains at the Wheels 

TRIFECTA's Performance Auto Stop Mode (PASM) - inhibits auto-stop from enabling for improved performance character, when desired (triggered by the cruise control arming button).

Transmission shift strategies improved: Shift strategy is largely “factory” at light pedal positions to provide a familiar driving experience, but downshifts are much more progressive and purposeful at higher throttle conditions.

​Fuel economy is improved (up to 39.5 MPG US highway observed) 

​​​How much will your vehicle gain?

                     Trifecta Performance

I am a Trifecta Independent Tuner/Dealer - located in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  I have been been providing Trifecta Performance services since 2012 have Tuned 100's of GM vehicles.    

Tuning services available for Canada Only.

​​I offer Trifecta Performance Calibration services for GM vehicles both locally or remotely.  Remote Tuning services have been carried out throughout Canada - From BC to Nova Scotia. 

Plus from locations all over Ontario - Windsor to Kapuskasing and in Quebec from Montreal to Quebec City.

                           Why Pay US $$ MSRP?

                                     As an Independent Trifecta Dealer - I offer lower than MSRP pricing in Canadian dollars!

Trifecta Tuning Ottawa Performance Engine Tuning


Trifecta Performance Tuning Ottawa

Engine/Transmission Tuning for GM vehicles



                           Serving Canada from Coast to Coast