1.  Fill out the contact Form (Canada only) and click submit.

2.  Please ensure your email address is correct.

3.  I'll respond with a lower than MSRP quote, in Canadian currency, within 24 hours.

4.  If my quote is acceptable, I will then require your vehicle's VIN and a list of any modifications you have done.

5.  I accept cash, Interact E-Transfer or PayPal (2.99% Paypal surcharge applies).

7.  Once payment is received, I will place the order for your Tune.

8.  Your Trifecta Custom Performance calibration takes

2-4 business days to receive after payment.  

9.  Your EZ-Flash Tuning cable will be shipped to your door (duty free) within 5-10 days.* 

*I have spare Tuning Cables , which I can ship to you quicker (extra charge via Xpresspost). Then I would have your cable shipped to me as a replacement.

10.  Once I receive your Tune file, I will email you a copy. Your Tune file is backed up on Trifecta's server and I also keep a back-up copy.

11.  For my local customers, we can arrange to meet and I will load your Custom Calibration to your vehicle.

12.  For my Remote Tuning Customers, I will send you detailed, step-by-step instructions for loading your Tune along with your Tune file.  And a tracking # for the Tuning Cable shipment.

13.  If you are loading your own Tune: a Windows version

8.1 Higher Laptop is required.  Total time to upload the Tune to your vehicle is 20-25 minutes.

15. I am available by email, FB messaging, text or phone to provide customer support throughout the Tuning process.

Please enter the information and click submit for a quote on a Trifecta Tune

for your GM vehicle.  Please ensure your email address is correct.

I will reply within 24 hours

Request a Quote

Request a Quote

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