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​​Thanks for a product that actually delivers what it promises.

Larry M.
Orleans, ON
2017 Cruze 1.4T

Exemplary Service

I don't mean to single out or embarrass anyone, but I just want to take a moment to thank John M. for fielding customer's questions and Dealer threads here on, and generally doing a great job of representing us both here, his local area and North America.

Steven W.
Houston, Texas
WOT-Tuning (Admin)

John! Love the Tune! Sure wakes up the car. Way more responsive and noticeably faster, shifting is fast but still smooth, not heavy at all. My compliments to the Trifecta crew.

Pete B.

London, ONT.

09 CTS 3.6L

My poor tires! The Trifecta Budget Tune you suggested is just what the car needed.  It doesn't feel neutered anymore.  Thanks so much.

Dave P.
Hawkesbury, ONT
2009 Cobalt SS/TC

Now that's what I'm talking about!!!  Totally different animal.  I LIKE IT!

Jonathan L.
Windsor, ONT
Buick Encore

Just wanted you to know the Tune is working well and I'm VERY impressed with the power gains for my Cruze LTZ.  
Thank-you very much for all your help.

Gavin C.
Niagara Falls, ONT
Chevrolet Cruze 

I am very impressed with you and the guys at Trifecta Performance.  They know their stuff for sure.  Please let them know that I appreciate their efforts and Excellent customer service in solving my Adaptive Cruise Control issue.  And the Tune is awesome!

So I am a very happy camper.  Please don't hesitate to use me as a reference for other potential customers and like I said, I will be spreading the word to other GM owners.

Mike K.
Kingston, ONT
2014 Cadillac CTS V-Sport

I've installed the tune this afternoon and I'm very happy with the result... The différence is impressive!!!

Steeve B.
Montmagny, Québec
2013 Buick Regal CXL Turbo

Simply wanted to say I’m more and more impressed with the Trifecta Tune.

With the obvious torque gain under the curve, I notice the shift points of the tranny did change, for the better.  The shifts hold, stays (100-200 rpm more) or up-shift earlier for better fuel economy.
I also did some quick review of my fuel numbers, and after confirming the mpg’s in my site.  I’ve gained 0.631 L/100 km or 1.884 US mpg or a 2 IMP mpg in day to day driving!

Update: I do feel more power and torque from the get go. You definitely have more power under the curve which makes city driving and passing power more fun. At the track (1/4 mile), under the same conditions, the TRIFECTA Tune shaved off a 0.301 sec and added 1.85 mph to my best un-Tuned time. Also, it cut my passing time from 80 km/hr to 120 km/hr from 6.8 sec to 5.9 sec.

Roberto M.
Gatineau, Québec
2013 Chevrolet Impala LT

My Camaro is now in the garage after the Tune and a most wicked drive home.  So far, wicked, awesome and unbelievable!

Leroy K.
Ottawa, ON
2012 Camaro SS

I’m very happy with the Tune.  It made the car much more drivable. I would describe it as solid in the sense that it pulls all the way through the RPM range, as opposed to lagging - then pulling for 1000 RPM - then falling off a cliff.

Mike W.
Lindsay, ON
Cruze ECO 1.4T

Hey car runs Great. With the mods and re-Tune you did for me - I went from 16.4 at 87 to 15.2 at 92 in the quarter at the track. I think I can squeeze that extra .3 to get into the 14’s but traction is tough with all the extra Power:)

Matt W.
Ottawa, ON
Sonic 1.4T

Hey John.  Just want to thank you for meeting me and going above and beyond to get the Tune installed. I was very surprised at the offer to come to Pembroke to get it done. The Tune feels like it has taken the restrictions off the car.  I feel driving in the tiptronic/manual mode is where it shines.  Getting traction off the line is nearly impossible lol.

Ryan R.
Etobicoke, ON
2014 Impala LTZ Turbo

I'm really enjoying the Tune! I really like the two different modes (Select-a-Tune).  I've been having the same or better fuel efficiency on 91 (if I'm driving efficiently). It gives me the power in a good rpm range too.

Brandon K.
Mount Pleasant, ON
2013 Cruze

Wow...that's all I have to say! Out of the modifications I've done, this one by far makes the biggest change. Night and day driving, instant power with no acceleration lag! I went for a drive the other day, just to go for a drive. Power is smooth and shifting is spot on! With the cold air intake and the magnaflow it's a mean sounding machine during acceleration but very smooth and quiet at speeds. I smoked a mustang today off the line...shhhhh don't tell my wife! 
Anyways, super happy and your level of service is stellar!

Dallas R.
Nanaimo, BC
2015 GMC Canyon

I cannot rave enough about my purchasing experience, customer service and follow up that John M. (Trifecta Tuning Ottawa), has so professionally conducted.
From the impressively quick responses, fair pricing, fast shipping (red cable) to the simple clear directions.
The Trifecta Advantage Tune is excellent.  It wakes this car right up!  I have changed no other components - yet this car feels stronger and crisper in every way.  Best car $$ I have ever spent.

Steve F.
Bowmanville, ON
2011 Buick Regal CXL Turbo


Hi John, wow… What a difference. The wife and I drove it with the cruise control ON by mistake, and thought wow what a difference.  After you corrected me about engaging the Tune, we immediately went for another drive with the C/C off and the Tune ON - holy crap that's amazing power!  Thank you for getting that straight for us. 

Dave B.

Hamilton, ON

2014 Cruze

I want to thank you personally for the excellent communication, promptness of your replies/support, follow-ups and the excellent overall customer experience that you provided me.

Fred K.

Laval, Québec

2014 Cruze

The Tune is absolutely amazing!  I am in love with this ghost cam feature. The amount of compliments I have gotten is ridiculous.  I also definitely feel the power difference as well. 

Arda I.

Ottawa, ON

2011 Camaro V6​​  

Yessir! Thanks again for all of your help and the promptness of your responses. I can't say enough about the customer service (you) provided, and the performance of the Tune. 

Constantinos F.

Gimli, MB

2015 GMC Sierra 6.2L 

The new Tune for the Truck is just perfect. It just wakes up the engine and makes it feel more responsive.  The power gain is absolutely incredible.  I noticed it when getting onto the 400 series highways enroute to Niagara Falls.  It's responsive, powerful and commanding. It just has an endless supply of power. 
What has surprised my the most is the fuel economy.  It was something I wasn't expecting.  I commute to work about 100km round trip. The Truck on the Highway will get between 7-9 liters/100 Kms. 

Once again thank you for all the help with the upgrade. You made the entire process enjoyable.  

Patrick R.

​Owen Sound, ON

2018 GMC Canyon 3.6L